to the ADVANCED manual to club 24 top

 2000/1/30 Revision

  • This JAVA applet operates on Windows Netscape Communicator version 4.06 or higher, Windows and MAC Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.01 or higher.
  • Recommended operating environment: More than CPU Pentium 100MHz and more than 32MB RAM. Please close other applications.

  simple version: -- How to play a game

1. entry ->2. select game room ->3. select opponent ->4. challenge opponent ->5. check response ->6. play game  ->7. end game ->8. exit
Entry to the dojo (1a) If the Entry button is pushed, an Entry input
panel will open. Members need to input their User ID and password. Guests should choose Guest and the program inputs UserID, Strength, and Locality(optional). 
(1b) You need to push the Login button, then the Entry Users list is displayed.
Select Game Room (2) Next, if you want to play a game, please push the GameRoom button. Then the GameRoom sub-window opens. Please select Free Game Room or Rating Game Room and push the OK button.
Select Game Opponent (3) Please select an opponent from the list displayed as "wait" on the Entry Users list.
Challenge (4) Please push the Challenge button, when a sub-window opens.
Please select the time limit for the game and push the Challenge button in the sub-window.
Waiting and Check response (5) If the opponent agrees to play, a shogi board will be displayed. If after a delay of several minutes there is no reply from the opponent, please push the Cancel button.
Play Game (6) Enjoy the game. If you want to resign, please push the Resign Button.
End Game (7) (Kanso-sen) You can discuss your game using the Chat function. When your conversation is over, please push the Close Button. 
If you want to continue, please repeat from step 2 (Select Game Room).
Exit (8) If you want to exit the Shogi Dojo, please push the Exit button and close your browser.

 If you want to know the current list of entry users, please push the "(Update Button) Entry Users" button.